Coaching with Paresh Kanani

I have over 25 years experience in leadership and systemic coaching, health and wellness, constellations, yoga, as well as finance and investing.

As an accredited coach and facilitator, and a certified hypnotherapist, I work with individuals, groups and organisations to create personal and organisational change using a variety of methods and tools. I help people overcome challenges, identify unhelpful patterns, and achieve their goals.

My approach is not tied to any one method and I use a range of holistic tools and techniques to help individuals operate in a state of conscious leadership and realise their true potential.

As a venture capital and private equity investor, advisor, and board member, I provide valuable insight into the challenges facing start-ups and companies. I have helped family offices with generational transitions and conflict resolution, and I have extensive experience working with purpose-driven organisations.

In addition to coaching and investing, I facilitate family and organisational constellations and lead numerous yoga and meditation groups globally.

Overall, my diverse range of skills and experiences makes me a valuable asset to anyone looking for guidance and support in their personal or professional life. I am passionate about empowering individuals and organisations to achieve their full potential and am committed to making a positive impact on the world.

Some specifics:

  • Venture capital and private equity investor, advisor and board member.
  • Executive, life and systemic coach: with third sector (via The Kairos Project and direct), privately, family offices, start-ups and companies.
  • Certified Newfield ontological coach and ICF certified.
  • Health & wellness coach: 10X and Holobody. This certification is a collaboration between Mindvalley and Evercoach, the world’s leading coach training platform.
  • Hypnotherapist: my certification was a collaboration between Mindvalley, Evercoach and Paul McKenna.
  • Family and organisational constellations (Hellinger): webinars, workshops, systemic coaching. Direct and in collaboration with Gerhard Walper.
  • Yoga and meditation for charity: led numerous yoga and meditation groups in the UK and globally, in person and virtually.

Please contact me if you are interested in coaching or collaborating.

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