Family and organisational constellations

What are constellations?

Have you ever asked yourself why certain unhelpful, repetitive patterns and dynamics keep happening in your life — in your relationships, health, family, profession or organisation?

Family and organisational constellations are a simple solutions-oriented and experiential methodology that allow us to illuminate the hidden dynamics and patterns behind the challenges that we face in our lives, families and organisations. When this is done, we gain a new clarity that leads to the unfolding of solutions.

Constellations seek to identify and resolve the root of many issues that cannot solely be explained by the biography of an individual, a family or an organisation.

By observing what has been excluded or hidden, for example, in the systems we belong to (relationships, family, work or organisations), we remember and acknowledge what has been forgotten. This enables a reconciliation and movement towards acceptance and a sense of inner peace. The energy that had been exhausted in inner and outer conflicts, as well as blind patterns, can be set free for a more powerful, healthy and loving life.

Who are constellations good for?

Constellations are meant for any individual or organisation, where it feels like something is missing or blocked, or when you want to overcome conflicts or stop repetitive, unhelpful patterns.

On a personal or professional level, this might be in relationships, health (the symptoms of disease, addiction or mental health), finances or a career.

For organisations, leaders and their teams, this approach is suitable for those who want to explore issues around:

  • Leadership and succession
  • Resistance in people and teams
  • Staff morale
  • Conflicts
  • Profitability and sustainability
  • Products, markets and customers

What happens during a workshop?

During a participatory and experiential workshop, we use facilitated constellations with human representatives, in a safe and confidential environment, to explore the underlying causes of issues for individuals, families and organisations, to enable a movement towards resolution and success. Meditations and exercises will also be used to deepen the process and understanding. Workshops are suitable for those new to constellations and the very experienced.

During a workshop you will have the opportunity to constellate your issue or question, experience being a ‘representative’ in someone else’s constellation and learn from a master in this field. In addition, we will dedicate one session to organisational constellations theme where we will also invite a few select organisational clients to constellate an issue relating to their profession, business or organisation. This will further deepen the learning experience of the workshop.

The benefits of attending:

  • Constellate your issue or question. Diagnose and move towards resolving the issue at hand whilst also maintaining a certain privacy as only snippets of your family or organisation are shared.
  • Be a ‘representative’ in someone else’s constellation: experience the insight and compassion of someone else’s constellation, similarities to your own personal situation and gain invaluable constellation experience.
  • Attend the workshop: learn about constellations and your own system, benefitting by experience any similarities to your own situation.
  • The opportunity for a few very select organisational clients to attend the relevant session and constellate an issue relating to their profession, business or organisation.

Certified training programme

There is an opportunity to participate in an intensive certified training programme offered by Gerhard Walper to deepen your knowledge of constellations and develop facilitation skills.

Workshop themes

A unique opportunity to learn experientially about constellations and participate in constellations.

Wordless constellations

The latest developments and applications.


Within families, between partners, between parents and children, and in the workplace.


The root causes of physical, emotional and mental health issues.


How to manage and find resolution to stress, imbalance and burn-out.

Work & career

How to overcome obstacles and be more successful at work and in your professional life.


What is missing and needed in your organisation to be more effective and successful? For example, issues around profitability or sustainability; products, markets and customers; staffing and morale; conflict resolution.


What promotes good leadership and good flow in organisations and businesses?

Practical tools

How coaches, therapists, consultants and advisors, and those in related professions, can use constellations for the benefit of their clients.

Training & experience

An opportunity to learn experientially during the workshop and also participate in a formal certified facilitation training programme as part of certification modules offered by Gerhard Walper.

Certified international training structure and themes

Level 1 in New Family & Organisational Constellations, according to Bert Hellinger, with Gerhard Walper

  • New condensed certification training programme
  • Four modules (one day training and two-day experiential workshop per module) for English speaking participants
  • Dedicated intensive training day (Friday 29 September 2023) followed by two-day experiential workshop
  • Variety of client constellations during two-day, follow-on workshop combined with hands-on training and learning
  • Each module is self-contained and not required to be done sequentially

MODULE I: 29 SEP to 1 OCT 2023

Love, success and leadership, our relationship to mother and father

  • Sources of success and leadership: in our soul, in our work/business
  • Healing our relationship to mother and father
  • First steps of ‘leadership’ in childhood: from entanglements to talents
  • Love and success, serving life, leadership and service
  • The movement towards life or death
  • In tune with success and failure, gain and loss
  • Leadership in constellation work and consulting
  • Success and leadership in tune with forces beyond, spirit-minded leadership

MODULE II: Date to be confirmed

Man and wife, the couples relationship, ways of love

MODULE III: Date to be confirmed

Helping children and their parents, individual sessions with constellations (family, organisation and work)

MODULE IV: Date to be confirmed

Love, illness and healing, health in professions and businesses


Thank you to everyone that attends our constellation events. Some of our participant testimonials are below.

“Allowed us to discover dynamics and patterns that are there without us being aware of them...and allowed us to shift the energy tremendously and gain insights that would have never been revealed otherwise.”


“Wonderfully organised and led by Paresh, combined with Gerhard’s inspirational knowledge and facilitation — a great combination! Thank you!”


“The significance of the community, to see and learn from Gerhard and how he deals with every topic, is inspiring.”


“Absolutely wonderful experience, the insights and facilitation; a respectful attitude towards participants…I feel more peaceful…it reached me. Great, intense, deep.”


“It was interesting to see how each constellation unfolded in front of my eyes. It was a highly emotional experience for me as an empath. I recommend it to those who are open-minded and receptive to new methodologies.”


“Unexpected results can come up. The workshop was an amazing opportunity to get an idea of the methodology of helpful it can be for organisations to use this tool to find profound answers to important questions...the group was amazing. My perspective on the past has changed and I now have a different view on some things in my life. I am curious to get more answers. Paresh was an amazing host! I like the calm way Gerhard teaches.”


“Thank you for the beautiful experience we all lived together! Amazing, the energy of the group. Great energy with love and respect towards everyone, no matter their age, cultural background or experience in the constellation field. Great delivery of the workshop, with love and respect to everyone’s matters brought up during and throughout the constellations.”


“Wonderful, clarifying and fulfilling.”


“It was so powerful and strong. You need to live it, and feel it, to believe. I strongly recommend you try this amazing experience.”


“It was very well organised and life changing. Excellent workshop and facilitation.”


“A confirmation that this is the work and path to walk.”


“It was a powerful experience. I felt special energy as soon as I walked into the room.”


“I will pay attention to my behaviours and try to understand where they come from.”


“It was an incredible evening, I really enjoyed the trance in the beginning, the structure, and the demonstrations were especially helpful! The biggest takeaway was the mother’s relationship to success. Incredible experience! It was a powerful session! As a spectator, I feel I healed some aspects of my life. I recommend to anyone who attends the workshops to go with an open mind and heart. It’s a powerful process and phenomenon!”


“Gerhard is an exceptionally skilled facilitator. It was an honour to witness, experience and be part of the constellations facilitated by Gerhard. I feel lighter, more positive about moving forward in relationships, and more connected with abundance since the seminar. One of the constellations I participated in moved me greatly. Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Paresh and Gerhard for such a wonderful weekend. I loved reconnecting with the work and meeting you both. I see our paths crossing again in the future!”


“As a participant, I felt well looked after on both the administrative and personal level. I liked the flow of the day. Paresh — you have a lot of charisma to draw people together. I felt Gerhard’s craftsmanship and attention to detail…very much like seeing Bert. The most remarkable thing for me was the presence and acceptance he brought, which created space for the field to unfold. And this drew us closer to the mystery of love and bonding.”


“I learned about the tool and I am inspired to continue the journey. This workshop was organised on a top level, everything was perfect: the facilitator, the participants, the facility. I am looking forward to the next event!”


Workshop etiquette

  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before a workshop begins so that you can register.
  • Tea, coffee, water and some snacks will be provided throughout the day.
  • Lunch is not included. There are many options locally and a three-course lunch option is available at the venue with prior notice.
  • All timings are subject to change.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off, or in silent mode, during a workshop.
  • Attendee constellation requests will be taken during each session based upon the theme being covered. Best efforts will be made to accommodate all requests but will be at the discretion of the facilitator and subject to time availability. We invite attendees to be mindful of ‘expectations’ and that sometimes constellations do not happen because it is not the ‘right time’.
  • If for any reason you have to leave a meeting early, please do so quietly and discreetly.
  • Please respect the facilitator and other participants. If you feel that you need extra help or support, please reach out to your hosts.
  • Follow-up systemic coaching is available. Please contact Paresh Kanani.
  • Every participant must complete a registration form and agree to the terms and conditions of participation before a workshop.

Behavioural epigenetics

There are many theories offered on how behaviours develop and persist — nature or nurture, biology or psychology, not only in an individual or a family, but across generations.

Behavioural epigenetics, a relatively new body of research within the scientific community, offers one interesting theory. It is exploring how the life experiences of our ancestors could directly affect your genes — that ‘epigenetic change’ could be passed down across generations. How our experiences, and those of our forebears, are never lost, even if they have been forgotten. How psychological and behavioural tendencies could be inherited or not.

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In the first instance, please email Paresh Kanani.