“My coaching experience with Paresh, my first ever with coaching, was superb. Our conversations helped me think more clearly about the constellation of difficult questions faced as a social entrepreneur — especially considering the trade-offs and priorities around issues like impact and scale.

They also helped me clarify some of my own hang-ups and misconceptions making me impatient and getting in the way of clear-sighted decision-making. Paresh was also brilliant at dealing with my allergy to anything that feels ‘fluffy’, using lenses and tools that I felt very comfortable with.

I’ve also learned several very helpful techniques — such as breathing — to help with day-to-day stress. As a bonus, our discussions were always intellectually interesting, Paresh having such wide and varied experience. I hope to continue working with him.”

Robyn Scott, social enterprise and entrepreneur

“From the start of our bio coaching relationship, Paresh took what felt like a very individualised and creative approach. He deeply listened and adapted in-the-moment, based on what I shared, my mood, and where I wanted to go.

I also appreciated that he’d experiment — asking for my consent before trying new approaches to help me explore new ways of thinking and being. Additionally, he thoughtfully reminded me about prior progress, re-grounded me in stated goals, and provided gentle encouragement when I needed it most.

Paresh enabled me to surface deep connections and values, while also shifting my mindset in myriad ways that I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life. I’m very grateful to have found him!”

Kate Sanderson, Teach For All

“Over the years I have had an interest in human psychology, mind set and how to become the best version of myself. The paths of Paresh and I met during a resilience programme held by my work, at the time, and the Kairos project.

Paresh was my coach of choice and formed a good client/coach relationship and I decided to continue my learning once the programme finished, growing my understanding and practice.

This journey has helped me push my boundaries and to restructure how I perceive, think, feel, turn up and project in various situations, be that in a personal or professional capacity. It has enabled me to rebuild family bridges that were once broken, become an informed leader and deal with what were once difficult situations with confidence and positivity. I have taken similar skills and adapted them to help with finance, health and relationships.

Just learning to centre and concentrate on my breathing really pulls the focus in. Paresh himself is continually learning and this really resonates with my ethos, but also allows him to bring so much more to the table, in terms of techniques and theories that open and allow us to explore deeper practices beyond the mainstream.

I am very grateful for this positive change in my journey.

Darren Price, lead cardiac physiologist (NHS) and sales exec at Medtronic

“I am really enjoying my coaching journey with Paresh.

It’s so nice to be coached by someone who is kind and generous and gives a sense of belonging. Paresh is really invested in me, and really supportive and empowering at the same time. I leave each coaching session with yet another ‘small’ and suitable tool for me to practice. The tools he shares have made an incredibly big impact in my life.

At each coaching session, I feel like he is ahead of me and it’s so comforting to know that 100% of the time I will be helped.

Paresh has also introduced me to a whole new world of family constellations which I have not experienced before but was so in line with how I was brought up and my beliefs. Again, I cannot quantify the impact this has experience has made on me and it has allowed me to feel supported by my ancestors, appreciate their gifts and life, but also give me the courage to choose my own path.”

Nomsa Mokhele, entrepreneur and senior manager at SVRI, the world’s largest network for research into violence against women and children

“Working with Paresh has opened windows on how I handle myself and others. My old behaviours were driven by states of mind stemming from previous experiences that, ultimately, did not serve me well. We developed easy exercises that can adjust my mindset to one that allows me to be more composed, emotionally still and focused on the whole chessboard.”

Senior executive, leading tech company