Terms and conditions for participation in constellations

Registration and participation

All participants fully understand and accept that not all participants at a workshop will have a chance to set up a constellation on their own issue. Best efforts will be made to accommodate participant requests; however, the constellation facilitator reserves the right to choose the participants with whom constellations will be done.

All participants also understand that participation in any portion of a family or organisational constellations workshop is entirely voluntary. Furthermore, all participants understand that family constellations involve self-exploration and personal growth and are not a substitute for medical treatment or therapy.

All participants agree that if they are under the care of a therapist or medical doctor, they will inform both or either provider of the nature of this work. Furthermore, all participants agree to advise the seminar coordinator and/or constellation facilitator, if they are taking any medication for any physical or psychological conditions that may affect their participation ability. This information will remain strictly confidential.

The workshop facilitator reserves all rights to accept or reject any person as a participant at any time for any reason. Furthermore, the facilitator and organiser reserves the right to make any changes to the timing and structure of a constellations workshop when deemed necessary for the health, comfort, convenience and/or safety of the participants.

Finally, a workshop may be cancelled at any time. In the rare event of cancellation, the organiser’s liability is limited to a refund of a participant’s workshop fee.


By attending the event, all participants consent to being featured in event photography, video recording or live streaming.


If a participant decides to cancel their attendance, any paid deposit or payment is non-refundable.

Concluding statements

By submitting a registration form, the participant expressly agrees to not hold the organisers or the facilitator liable for any loss, damages or expense incurred due to any act or omission by himself/herself, workshop coordinator or other participants.

By submitting a registration form, the applicant expressly agrees to the terms and conditions of their participation at a workshop as stated above.

The completion of any training does not guarantee the proficiency of the participant for constellation facilitation. The organiser and trainer are not liable for any work performed by the participant.