The Kogi tribe of Colombia

In May 2023, a group of us had the privilege of spending time with the Kogi community in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in northern Colombia.

We learned more about their culture, customs, spiritual mission for the wellbeing of the planet and expanded channels of trust and communication. Furthermore, we had the unique privilege of visiting their archeological site ‘Pueblito’, no longer open to outsiders, conversing with their elders and learning more about the crucial role these tribes play in maintaining the delicate balance with nature.

The Kogi people have a deep understanding of the interconnectedness between humans and nature, and their ancestral wisdom offers crucial insights into conserving and restoring the Earth. For me personally, this was a deeply moving experience. A representation of the human condition, our inner conflict, inner craving, inner disconnection — the Kogi (‘The elder brother’) message representing, that for all our (‘The younger brother’) progress, our movement away from love and away from nature (the creator ‘The great mother’) cycle will destroy us all.

From this unique and very inspiring experience, we agreed to support the tribe to reclaim and purchase a specific and discrete piece of land adjacent to their home. We agreed, in principle, to fund this first piece of land once all the information was verified and a process in place to effect the purchase.

From the above an idea was born to more generally support indigenous tribes, specifically the Kogi tribe, in their quest to save their sacred lands. To raise awareness, raise funds and collaborate with existing support structures and organisations. The start of a new process, a new movement for us that builds upon the gift that we have received from the Kogi tribe.

If you would like to contribute financially or support in any way, then please email me on More details on the Kogi story, and how to contribute, will follow.

The Kogi tribe

The Tairona civilisation vanished, like all Indian civilisations in South America, but it did not die. Four hundred years ago they withdrew for safety into the ‘heart of the world’. The children of the Taironas still have their cities, their roads, their orchards, and from the hidden folds of the mountain they have watched our civilisation in silence, but now the descendants of the Taironas have summoned us.